Residency in Paraguay - DIY or not?

Some potential permanent residents ask why we cannot supply the forms in advance? The answer might change your mind about handling this application yourself. With the rapidly growing Paraguayan economy and the number of residency applicants too, unfortunately this is not easy because the application forms are always changing.

Find more information here on the Paraguayan residency requirements

Also, there is much confusing, misleading and simply incorrect information on the Internet regarding Paraguayan residency. For instance, at the time of writing, the Paraguayan Immigration Office's website has not changed since 2010.

Paraguayan Residency in 23 steps

Your individual application might need a few more steps, but less is rare. Each step involving an individual visit to an office or premises when done in the right order, leads progressively to the submission of your permanent residency application.

These steps are accomplished at various locations scattered throughout the city.

If you do not even speak good Spanish, (remember that Yopará is spoken in most places), then you will need considerably more time and a lot of patience. Different departments of some government offices have different entrances or are even scattered throughout several buildings. You might choose to do it yourself and trudge through the streets in the sweltering summer heat only to arrive at an office which is not air conditioned. What should you do on discovering three, four or more counters, each labeled with a different sign in bureaucratic jargon and with a long line of people waiting at each? Even if you do speak good Spanish and understand the Paraguayan accent, will you still know the right terminology to explain what you are seeking?

*January - March 2012 temperatures often reached a humid 38C / 100F and even Paraguayans started complaining.

This is where our experts come into place. A professional will guide you through the maze and escort you through the city in an air-conditioned car without surcharge. We do not mean just a driver, but a University educated lawyer or assistant who not only knows the system, but is also able to discuss world and local economy.

This alone can pay off in multiples as you bounce your questions or business ideas off a local professional.

B A N K S  I N  P A R A G U A Y

Introductions to banks will speed the opening of an account which is necessary to prove financial solvency for Paraguayan residency.

Clients have different requirements so we will lead you to the bank/s most suitable. Some Paraguayan banks are getting really fussy and overreacting to FATCA in a really petty manner. Finestra Law Company will help you to avoid these time wasters by pointing you to providers who do not make you jump through hoops just to deposit your own money in their bank.

We are as amazed as you might be at their antics, so our goal is to keep abreast of the easy routes, so that this potential stumbling point is easier to master.

We know that some permanent residency applicants do not intend to stay in Paraguay for the whole year. That is why we offer a fast track residency program.

You will feel pampered with our concierge service and might be surprised that we do not charge more.

Put your concerns about residency into our hands. Contact Finestra Law Company today and succeed with your goal to become a permanent resident of Paraguay.

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