Citizenship in Paraguay offers many advantages. Let us explain and help with the citizenship application and naturalization process

Applications for citizenship in Paraguay are increasing rapidly. Many intelligent people from highly developed countries in different parts of the world wish to free themselves from their over-governed nanny states.

These world citizens see that some countries, even if considered "less developed" are more desirable to them. One such country is Paraguay, a small landlocked and little known country in South America. Here the grass still grows green, very green! Situated over the world's largest water reserve and blessed by almost daily sun, the local agriculture flourishes. The meat produced is some of the best in the world and the crops harvested are mostly biologically cultivated.

Paraguay, 2.5 times the size of California and 15% bigger than Germany, has only 6.5 Million citizens.

Business people see the opportunities that abound and are encouraged because in Paraguay the Government does not interfere. Furthermore, the taxation situation on a corporate and personal level induces more applications for citizenship.

The Paraguayan citizenship application process leading to naturalization is not too cumbersome, but a lawyer is required. More on immigration laywers here.

The friendly locals, their desire to enjoy life, coupled with delicious food and warm weather make the decision about applying for residency or citizenship rather easy.

Here are more Paraguay facts to help with your decision making.

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