Testimonials for Paraguayan residency applications by Finestra Law Company

"I would definitely recommend Jeronimo Finestra as I've used his services and must honestly say that he exceeded all my expectations.

There's lots of running around to be done, there was several screw ups on the part of government officials which needed a second trip to correct a certain document or to clarify a certain matter.

All in all, if I had to look at the work involved in my case, I would say that whatever fee I paid for Jeronimo Finestra was well worth every penny."

El Gringo, Canada

(From an online forum)
"I definitely agree with the post below. I'm in Paraguay right now and after applying for residency last July with the help of Jeronimo Finestra, on this trip he facilitated getting my residency card AND my cedula in record time.

In response to the person on this thread who said "you don't need an attorney":  Well, maybe not, IF your Spanish is VERY fluent, IF you can find out what is required (a challenge in itself), and IF you know the city AND have a car, and if you either live in Asuncion or have LOTS of time here to do all the running around on your own, getting the myriad copies of documents, legalization of those documents, etc. Offices that have to be visited are strung out all over the city, some of which could not possibly be accessed by bus... with a long taxi ride, maybe.

I enthusiastically concur - Jeronimo Finestra is worth every penny he charges!"

Dottie, USA

"This last Monday I returned from Asuncion, Paraguay having completed the first leg of my journey in obtaining full Paraguayan citizenship. I now am an official, albeit temporary, resident of Paraguay. This too will change in three to four months when I return to obtain my cedula, or permanent residency card in Paraguay.

I hired attorney Jeronimo Finestra and his firm, Finestra Group to help me navigate the process. He and his quite capable associate Edwin, also an attorney, helped make the process of visiting government buildings, medical offices, banks, notaries, obtaining translations and certifications without trouble or incident. They compiled the rather formidable stack of official, legalized papers on my eighth day in the country, submitted them to Immigration and I left a full fledged resident. I also see that Jeronimo posts in this forum and is very much a wealth of information about things legal and Paraguayan.

Jeronimo is fluent in English, well acquainted with ex-pat issues and has intimate knowledge of how the governmental dynamic works. Additionally, he is uncompromisingly honest, meticulous and a fully competent lawyer. If this sounds like a shameless plug... well, it is. In a situation where it might be possible to fully take advantage of the naive ex-pat (i.e., me), instead I was blessed with a level of professionalism that I actually find increasingly rare in the US these days.

So, if there is any interest at all, please feel free to contact Jeronimo yourself at the email address above. I cannot imagine the time he must spend, beyond the hours of his regular practice, answering email. Your inquiry will be answered promptly and professionally, that I can assure you."

John, USA

"Finestra Law Company has my highest recommendations. I sought to engage Jerónimo Finestra as a residency lawyer on an hourly basis, merely to verify that my meticulous homework and planning was correct and that all of my documents were in order. Speaking good Spanish and having lived in Latin America, I had planned to do everything myself.

Shortly into the first conversation, I had convinced myself that it would far better to leave this task to a professional lawyer and I am pleased that I did.

These people are highly competent and very trustworthy professionals. In fact, I quickly gained the impression that they were long-standing, personal friends.

I would recommend that anybody seeking permanent residency in Paraguay or even a second citizenship should put their case in the very good hands of Jerónimo Finestra in Asuncion, Paraguay."

E.W., United Kingdom

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